Hey Honey!

by Lauren Salerno























Who doesn't look a good face mask? You can buy a lot of greats ones, but you can also make a lot of great ones! And it's especially great when you can a homemade facial mask with stuff in your kitchen, score! All of us deal with hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dullness, acne, blah blah blah. This aspirin honey face mask is an oldie, but a goodie! All you need is honey and aspirin! 

Here's how you do it: 

Crush the 2 aspirin with your mortal and pestle (you can crush it with a mug and a plate, basically anything) until it is a fine textured powder. Place in a small bowl. Next, take a large dollop of raw honey and mix it in with the crushed aspirin. Raw honey is essential because processed honey loses a lot of the nutrients that make honey special in the first place. Like propolis, enzymes, yeast and a bunch of other nutrients that benefit your skin and your healthy. Raw honey is naturally anti-microbrial so it NEVER goes bad!! 

After you mix the honey and aspirin, I like to add a little water to make the consistency smoother. GIve it all a really good mix and apply to clean skin with your fingertips. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Your skin is warm, so it can make this homemade facial mask get a little drippy--so use this as an excuse to lay down on the couch with a towel under your head! THAT'S IT! So simple. Wash off with just warm water and apply a moisturizer if you need it. You'll instantly notice smoother, softer skin! And the more you do it, you'll notice that your skin will become more even. 

The aspirin works as an anti-inflammatory on your skin which reduces redness and is just good in general for you skin. There are so many irritants in the air and in our products that we don't even realize are irritating our skin, so the aspirin works to calm down your skin. The honey works to add vital nutrients to your skin so it glows and it's super moisturizing. 


How-To Make Kombucha

by Lauren Salerno

There are so many beauty benefits from kombucha. We know you've heard about kombucha, but do you know exactly what it is? It's essentially fermented tea that's chockfull of goodness for your entire body. And it's actually pretty easy to make on your own, so we're here to show you how-to make kombucha! 



The fermentation process is what makes this a magic beauty potion. You're fermenting tea by using a solid mass of yeast (the kombucha) and bacteria (your mother mushroom). It's the fermentation (not the mushroom) that creates the probiotics, antioxidants and healthy acids that contribute to digestion, detoxification and a slew of other amazing beauty benefits. 

Drinking kombucha on a regular basis can improve skin tone, texture and the overall quality of your skin (amen!). We even have a friend whose dad started drinking kombucha everyday and his hair stopped going gray! 


2 liters of water

2 cups of organic brown sugar

4 organic black tea bags

1 kombucha mushroom (buy online)  

STEP 1: On the stove, bring the water and brown sugar to a boil, add the tea bags and turn the stove off.  

STEP 2: Let the tea brew and completely cool (at least 1 hour).  

STEP 3: Once the tea has reached room temperature, remove the tea bags and pour the into into a clean glass container and lay your mushroom on top. Cover with either a cheese cloth or paper towel (it needs to be covered by something that will allow it to breathe) and a rubberband. 

STEP 4: Store in a cool, sunless area for 7 - 10 days. The longer you let it sit, the stronger your kombucha will be!  

STEP 5: Enjoy!  

Fun Fact: Withe very batch you make, a new mushroom is formed on your mother mushroom. Keep it and brew more than one batch at a time or share the love and give it to someone so they can start brewing their own kombucha!